Friday, June 11, 2010

Chocolate Butter Cupcakes with Chocolate- Egg White Frosting

Friday, June 4   -  My experience with these cupcakes was very positive, considering it was only my second time to bake cupcakes, the first being the orange chiffon for the Bostini.
                       mis en place

 I chose to use the silicone Lekue muffin pans of 12, and then another of six cavities for leftover batter. 

There was enough for five extra cupcakes [that were eagerly consumed right after cooling]. I used foil-lined with paper; not the kind that has a separate liner that is removable. I couldn't find small enough ones. I sprayed the inside the liner with Baker's Joy. This procedure I have heard that Rose recommends for chocolate cupcakes, and I believe Hector also says as much for silicone. Naturally, I could be wrong. However, I baked them at 350' and as usual forgot to set the timer, and still didn't have an oven thermometer. The last one I had, I discarded in disgust. [Finally, as we speak, I have acquired an IronClad one that I hope will help]. So, when the tops were doming, and the time then seemed about right, I made ready to take their temperature. 

But before I could, the tip of the Thermopen was met with a pool of doming chocolate. I left them another 15 minutes and then removed them. After ten minutes on the rack, I turned them out. When cooled, they were moist and light. However, when I bit into one all the way, the very center seemed a tad too moist. I don’t know if that it is what texture is like after having ganache inserted into a financier, or whatever. Or if they needed more time in the oven. The flavor is very nice and 'chocolately'. I used Droste cocoa because my Green & Black's hadn't arrived yet.

Friday, June 11 -
I hoped my Polycarbonate-Blue Thermohauser pastry tips would arrive in time to have fun with the decorating, so I after a good cooling, I froze the cupcakes, wrapped with Freeze-tite, and in shoe boxes. I'm sure they will be fine. At present, the tips are finally here.

Now, I have made the chocolate-egg white frosting -
I'll say! It went easily, and was heavenly light and airy -- sooo luscious that I was actually slurping the last bits out of the end of the piping tube – and, of course, another cupcake.
I think, because of their freezing process, the cupcakes' texture mellowed and after they were thawed and frosted they were absolutely perfect; not, as I had been concerned, needing more time in the oven. I have packaged six to deliver to a friend who loves cupcakes. I know she will fall in love with these special treats!!


  1. Very pretty! They do look delicious!

  2. Thanks, Vicki. Yours were pretty too with the powdered sugar dusting!

  3. ב''ה

    Looks great! Love those pastry tips.

  4. Thanks! They are so fabulous. Now I just need to learn to use them, but in themselves they facilitate that.
    Best, joan

  5. Cute cupcakes! I love your pastry tips :)

  6. I love your pastry tips!! So pretty in blue! And i love that frosting swirls - so beautiful!

  7. Thanks Faithy. I have to learn to use them - there are a lot of tips!!

  8. The cupcakes came out so beautiful! The frosting looks amazing! Great photos and presentation. They look yummy.

  9. Wow, these look adorable. The swirl on top is very very pretty. Great job! I'm thinking of making these cupcakes next weekend in lieu of the coconut cheesecake since I'm allergic to coconut. Btw, I got a kick out of you "slurping the frosting out of the piping tube". I "NEVER" do that!!! ;o)

  10. Lol, I wish you had been here to play. This frosting is awesome, I know you will love it.