Monday, November 8, 2010

Woody's Lemon Luxury Layer Cake aka 'WLLLC' - for my daughter's 50th

For our free choice week, I am re-posting this elegant cake because on Wednesday I flew to San Diego and baked it for my daughter's surprise 50th birthday party. There were four days of surprises for her, culminating in the 'Closing Ceremony' dinner, including her cake.

Here, I am not posting pictures of the steps of baking since I did that the first time I baked the cake in August. Nothing was different this time except that when I made the buttercream the temperature in San Diego was 98'. I had no problem with the buttercream itself, but thought I would set in in an ice bath for a few minutes just in case. I was taking its temperature when the bowl dipped and a slight amount of water leaked over the side into the mixing bowl. I removed as much as I could, then refrigerated it covered with plastic. It was hot and I was tired. I really didn't want to remake this frosting.

Hastily, I went to the Forum and asked what to do. Charles showed up quickly, and said to uncover it and the water would most likely dissipate. Julie also helped, as she always does in times of crisis. I had been curious if, like stabilizing whipped cream, one could do something like that with gelatin. Of course I had no idea how much water really went in. I was short on time since there were many activities scheduled and it would really be better if it worked the first time. There were many questions and answers on the Forum about problems and solutions so I always turn there. This time I shall post the cake to say thanks.

The cake sat wrapped in plastic in the fridge overnight and Friday it looked fine. In whipping it to soften for frosting it was soft, but in that heat, why wouldn't it be, I reasoned. My hostess was kind enough to torte it and put on the curd that I had made at home, frozen and carried with a blue-ice in a zip-lock bag in the suitcase. That way, I only had the custard and completed buttercream to do the day after arrival. We crumb-coated it Friday and waited until Saturday to frost it. All went well.

The cake was light and tender; the curd was just tart and lemony enough, and the buttercream-lemon- white chocolate delicate and delicious. Everyone enjoyed it. Personally, I love this cake, even though I do think it is easier to make it in two sessions.


  1. Joan, this is just gorgeous! Looks so pretty! I love it! and Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. Bravo - you've passed the Heavenly Baker's Advanced Course!!

    Happy birthday to your daughter - I'm surprised to hear she's 50. That means you must be??? Just kidding ;).

    I really like the way you decorated the cake. And your layers are perfect!

    Lovely cake, lovely daughter.


  3. Oh wow.. looks awesome and all that work paid off, it looks deliscious too.

  4. Looks great!!!
    I know it took a long time to create that masterpiece.

  5. Wow! Beautiful cake! I love the ribbon around the bottom and the flowers. Great job trouble shooting your buttercream and water problem.

  6. Thank you all for visiting, and for your kind support. Wow, always delighted by my mentor's viewpoint. Yeah, my daughter is as sweet as she is lovely - of course I was only 9 years old - lol.

  7. What a gorgeous cake, Joan. You truly outdid yourself this time. And you carried all the stuff w/you over there? Bravo! I do it all the time (taking stuff w/me to Europe when visiting family) so I can bake there, but I thought I was a fruitcake (a very happy one, I might add!!!). Haha.
    A happy belated birthday to your daughter. She looks beautiful! She's lucky to have a thoughtful (and talented) mom like you :o)