Monday, December 6, 2010

The Chocolate Velvet Fudge Cake

Once again, a luscious cake, and a chance to employ one of my batterie de cuisine of NordicWare beauty pans!

This one was not difficult and not time consuming. I took a few pictures just for fun, but there were no techniques that I thought needed to be discussed - except perhaps that I need to learn marzipan. Instead, I just dusted with confectioner's sugar and cocoa.

I gave this cake as a gift for an office party and it received rave revues, tender and fudgey!


  1. It looks stunning in this pan!

  2. The folks in your office are very lucky.

    This pan makes a great looking cake. I might have to get one.

  3. Your cake looks so inviting and a delicious gift! Your pan pattern if so fun too =).

  4. Your cake looks stunning. I love that pan! I made this cake last year and loved it.

  5. Thanks to all for stopping by. I enjoyed one too. The pan is so simple and pretty. I keep saying I am not going to give in and get another and then - well, you know : )

  6. The heritage cake pan has become my new favorite!! The shape is simply stunning. Have a great week.


  7. ב''ה

    Ha! We are all going to have that pan by the end of this I wager... :)

    Looks great!